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All Posts By Smriti Shrivastava

  “For My Valentine”

Caressing your breath
through mine
lingering through
the heart beats
your presence enlightens
my soul to eternity…


image credit : Black shadow wallpaper of love

Though we were strangers
in the whole wide world
but as we came together
it created a new world
where love flutters through the air
and spirits are set free…
I wonder how come
i had been living alone
& lament for the moments
i lived on my own
as you reflect through my eyes
i smile to the word of the mighty…
Your embrace hugs my essence
at its core
your smile
let my heart dance
to the carols of swirling waves
brushing the sands on a cliff of the sea…
Cool salty breeze
agilely cuddling around
letting my flick
touch your cheek
to let us both twirl together
now, whatever the song it be…

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 “The Brightest Star”

At twilight, past a glistening day

he is going back home

slowly shattering behind

the steep crests of the mountain,

his scorching blaze

piercing through the woods

leached out moisture

till the very last drop,

breaking through the mists

and fogs and clouds

he made a new way

through no one’s allowed,

now past his swing

from the east to the west

he’s shuffling back stilly

to let the moon annex,

underneath the dark

Is he gaining strength?

to rise up with the Aurora

or is he all drained?

the time he was down

few posited, he resigned

from the arduous courage

he always had shone,

but, without a word

he is back to the blue

to let the horizons meet

to let it be a new dawn,

he is the covert ardor

of every dark night….

he is the ace of spheres

“the brightest star”

Image credit: newhd
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