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34 Bubblegums And Candies:Review


Book: 34 Bubblegums and candies

Author: Preeti shenoy
Publisher: Srishti publishers and distributors
Pages: 146

34 bubblegums and candies is the first published book of the Author Preeti shenoy. Author has shared her own life’s myriad incidents perked with laughter and sense at the same time, to draw out the veiled essence of the very moment. Through these 34 stories writer cherishes the beauty of life and it’s gifts to us. There is a story telling about her best buddy. Then, there is one showing her progenie’s love for each other.
There is a heart-wrenching story of a breaking marriage. While, at the same time there is a father who eventually enters his own shell, over the chugs of pain thrown by life.
Author has picked out funniest of moments like 5.0 a.m. problems to the poignant issues such as HIV patients. She penetrates deep to the backbone of a healthy marital and maternal relationship and maintains the humor with her silly printer problems.
Book involves light and victorious moments over an uninvited guest, as well as discusses the deepest pain of lose of a father to a child.
Life is not as easy as we think. Still it is to be lived with  happy faces and more importantly…with happy hearts. And this book provides every reader with his/her choice  of bubblegums and candies. It’s up to you what you feel like….

1.Book involves simple moments like children’s night time stories or changing a gas cylinder in the next flat, Yet she tops it with  humor as well as moral with each scenario.🏨
2. Each story is thoroughly compelling and  is capable of motivating the reader of almost any age-group.👴
3. Language is quite simple  and easy to go with the flow.👍
4. Author explicitly depicts the hidden treasures in every expected and unexpected incident.👓

1. As we move on to succeeding chapters, lack of connection with the previous story is quite annoying. Sequencing the incidents could have added an extra charm to the whole book.📌

As the book is a compilation of some of her blog posts, reader observe a difference in writing patter. you may take it as pros or cons rather specifically, as candies 🍬 or as bubblegums🍥…. I won’t tell mine🤓

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Disclaimer: all the reviews provided in this blog are personal views and not meant to hurt anyone’s feeling (including the author’s)🤗 or intend to affect reader’s approach towards the work

Smriti Srivastava
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