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Every time it rains: Review

Book: Every Time It Rains

Author: Nikita Singh

Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers

Pages: 258

This is a sequel of Author’s book, ‘Like a love song’. Story deals with the protagonist Laila and her inner turmoil for love and it’s after-effects. She, accompanied by her friend Maahi runs Cookies+Cupcakes (C+C): a bakery franchise In Delhi. It is one of a kind and is driven by the passion and grit of the two ladies. Laila carry forwards the pain and sorrow she has corralled from her past, deep down in her soul and ethos. She is heartily indulged in her work, rather dodging any other thought to enter her.

Fortuitously, an opportunity to grow their franchise to the national level drives her to meet a free-spirited guy JD, the head of marketing department of Roasted House’s coffee shop for the collaboration of the two firms. In-spite of owning an utterly antipodal personality, this guy offers Laila a new perception for Love. And leaves her pondering to the thoughts she has always been disdaining. She is in a denial to love again, after her husband Abhi left her alone with unnerving cogitations for love-life. His memories horrifies her present and restrict her to spawn a better future. She is all caught up in her own dilemma and story moves dramatically. Would she go ahead breaking the wall of belief she has created for her own? Read to know it all…


1. The story is plotted with an uncharted background, which is the key factor for grasping reader’s attention.

2. As this is a sequel of her previous story, Author has woven a string of emotions that binds the opposite ends of the tapestry depicting the turmoil of human heart to the love for a second time; whether to accept or reject.


1. There are numerous editing opportunities, regarding language and repetitive phrases around.

2. Story doesn’t flow smoothly…It drags. I felt like skipping paragraphs, as there was nothing happening inside.

4. C+C was a nice concept to plot, but it actually over-road the story.




Smriti Srivastava
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