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Life is what you make it: Review

Book: Life is what you make it

Author: Preeti Shenoy
Shrishti publishers

Life is what you make it, is the second published book of the author, though the first one: 34 bubblegums and candies was a collection of her blog posts, this is her debut novel as a work of fiction. This is a story of Ankita, who is a bright student in her early twenties belonging to a conservative family and has a boyfriend already…

The story starts with a visit of the protagonist (Ankita) to NMHI(National Mental Health Institute). As she waits for her call to the psychiatrist. She stares at the other mental patients around and wonders herself being at the abyss of the crest-fall as just six months back she was elected as the secretary of the arts association at her college. This leads the readers to enter in her flashback.

This starts with her letter to Vaibhav, who studies at IIT-Delhi. Their distance relationship was going well until Abhi enters her life. She meets her in some inter-college festival working as the college office bearer. They eventually come closer over the night he drops her back home on his bike. But she couldn’t tell Vaibhav anything about Abhi, Instead she’s still not sure herself where their relation actually stands.

When the session ended at st. Agnes college, she secures admission in the top management institution at Mumbai as well as one at Chennai, where she could stay with Abhi. She singles out the better option. Abhi commits suicide for her decision. Yes he dies….

sneham mathram puchikaruthu

After getting over him, she enters her new college life and grows a new bunch of friends around her. over her course studies she throws herself to it and excels in every stream embracing the highest of her euphoria. But, after the day her parents discovers her letters from Abhi, her world turns upside down and gradually it leads to an indescribable state of mind leading her to loose her cogitative, comprehensive and thinking strength at all.

Dad had said that i would be a new person from that day. He had been right but not in a way that he foresaw

For days she encounters darkness in and out and drifts towards a condition that is totally reversed of what she was earlier or what she had planned for her future. This was all because of her bipolar disorder..

Later the plot revolves around check-ups and failures, until she finally finds a positive medical treatment at the mental asylum where she gains her life again and carve it from the scratch to the brightest it could be for her.


1. Author has chosen quite a less-known mental condition, bipolar disorder with utmost clarity probing lights to every aspects of the condition. this books not only deals with the patient’s mental condition but society’s point of view to it as well.

2. Story is smooth and simple yet inspirational enough.


1. Characters are not described to the point one could relate to them. Vaibhav though is included in the story, but he is never seen adding any pace to the plot. Ankita’s parents are shown only as bourgeois freaks, though every person has multiple shades to them, I guess. Her Little brother was also found as a lost character later in the plot.

2. Ankita is meant to be the character whom one could empathize to, but she felt as a shallow and even selfish human being at points. I guess reader needs a character to be affectionate to others at least, albeit possessing a grey shade to them.

Disclaimer: All the reviews provided herein are purely personal views and are not meant to hurt anyone’s emotions

Smriti Srivastava
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