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The last girl: Review

Book: The last girl
Author: Nick twist
Pages: 412

Dear readers,
This is the review of the debute psychological thriller by the author Nick twist. Before anything, i must confess this book is one of a kind in its genre. It is a path-breaker. And it…!! Well, let’s start now.

As the story commences, the protagonist finds herself alone, merged at the bottom of the sea. Under an overwhelming honking and blaring. Dark all around except a delusional source of light far away. It seems to be a plane crash. As she is tucked to her seat with a belt which she eventually gets rid of and swims to the bright. But sillhoute’s of fear enshroud her and she blackouts. For the first time…

Later as she wakes up, she has miraculously made it to the shore reaching to an unknown island. She is weak and torn up but above all…amnesic. Yup, she doesn’t even remember her name.

Well, story leads ahead and she wakes up in horrific scenarios past every time she drowns under the deep voices of her own mind. Leading to a rolar-coster-ride of emotional twisting and tormenting. Many a place over the edge of fantasy. The events taking place on the island could be hiding a meaning into them or not..many times a reader wonders. Ending up into the most promising and practical way but with a twist.

As a reviewer, I wonder the author has poured the essence of his name throughout the book. It is just full of surprises and suspense. I couldn’t unhook my mind from it until the very last word.

What makes it more counting is theories entangling life, love, family, and books en masse on the way as it progresses.

We need stories, not only for entertainment, but for survival. —Brook Ward


1. Quite a unique way of storytelling by the author that binds the nerve of the reader. Although one knows it is fantasy yet can’t deny it’s feasibility.

2. Story twists and turns on every other page and keep the reader longing  for the protagonist to step on the right path. Though this is his first book, plot twists and turns are performed quite precisely.


1. Undoubtedly, it is a compelling tell throughout, yet I find some points unexplained.

For instance, ‘place and time for the encounter between Brook and Irene’?? And likewise…

If you read the book and have guessed it then please comment and if you feel some other points missing, do share with me.


Smriti Srivastava

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