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Dying to be me : Review

Book: Dying to be me

Author:Anita Moorjani
Publisher: Hay house
Pages: 266

Dying to be me, is an autobiographical expression of author’s near death experience (NDE). She belongs to an Indian family residing in Hong Kong. As a child she grew up with conflicts in her beliefs inculcated by contradictory cultures. She tries to fit in her British educational system but her race and birth discriminates her out of groups. Later when it came to her marriage she was discerned below par because of her liberal and voguish attitude. Time goes on and she acquires a job and landed up to a happy married life with her soul-mate Danny.

While she settled in her life the disastrous disease called cancer grabs her and drags to the mouth of death. After her tedious endeavor of about 4 years, she surrenders herself to it and proceed to coma. She describes her indescribable experience that she perceives in the other realm during her NDE. The unfolded tapestry depicts the perfectness of each incident and individual to create the complete picture called world. Ultimately she decides to come back to the world and as she recovers from coma she gets free of her cancer and discharged from hospital within weeks without a trace of disease in her body. There are myriad topics touched by the author which soothe the souls of tens of thousands.


1. The message she conveys is “being love” end it reaches down to the reader’s heart.
2. Initial chapters are quite well-bonded and well- described.
3. The memoir depicts the magnitude of life beyond all the knowledge and logic we acquire in the world.


1. It needs editing. Yes, in spite of carrying such a strong message it some how feels to be hastily written.
2. As we move towards the middle section few parts feel dispensable and probably if omitted could have landed enough strength to the story.
3. Though I respect what author has gone through and perceived still I feel it is her personal experience has helped her to recover and lead to a better life. While for a normal human being its not easy to be a feeling as the book says. Feeling love is quite possible to some extent but “being love”…Similarly, “Seeing our-self in other’s”…”Not doing anything, just being myself”…..I admire the thoughts yet wonder?

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Smriti Srivastava

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