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Everyone has a story: Review

Book: Everyone has a story
Author: Savi Sharma
Publisher: Westland ltd
Pages: 175

Helo readers,
‘Everyone has a story’, is the debut novel of author, Savi Sharma. This story is about an aspiring writer Meera, who works as an HR manager. She is seeking for a touching story to get her thoughts woven through.
In her quest, every weekend she visits a cafe, “Coffee & Us” listening to different authors and their stories. On such a visit she encounters with Vivaan, who is stuck into his mundane job and wishes to escape away and travel the whole world all alone some day. She wants to know more about him but he disappears.
After a few efforts she finally gets to meet him again. Eventually, She gets attracted to him, so does he. But as they come closer, he again disappears without an innuendo. Meera goes clueless…again.
I have loved, and that is why i am traveling. i am trying to escape.
 There are two more characters in the plot. Kabir and Nisha. Kabir is the manager at coffee & us. He dreams of establishing his own cafe, but his financial conditions are not the right way. He bears his family’s responsibilities after his father’s death. While Nisha belongs to a rich family. Kabir loves her, but his self esteem doesn’t let him to be with her.

Vivaan always had wished for traveling the world. But when he actually gets that opportunity, he finds himself lost. After  3 months he decides to go back and finish what he left with open ends.

But as soon as he gets back, Meera encounters an accident and reaches to coma..

What happens next??

Why did he leave Meera??

What happens to Kabir and Nisha??

Read the book to know more.


 1. Being the first book, this is an appreciable effort of the author.


1. A character is a three-dimensional personality. Savi’s characters are all true and perfect in the whole story, which makes them a bit unbelievable.
2. Presence of important characters like, Meera’s mother could have added an extra depth and weight to the story.
3. Dialogues are over-stretched. At many points, lengthy speeches of characters upturns the weariness in reader’s mind.
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Smriti Srivastava

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