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EX…A twisted love story: Review

Book : EX…a twisted love story
Author : Novoneel chakraborty
Publisher : Penguin Random House
Pages : 286

As the name refers, Ex… a twisted love story is a romantic thriller. A story where love confronts lust, grieve dulcify through revenge and innocence run smack into adultness. Neel the protagonist resigns from his job in a bank to secure a niche for himself as an author. Contrary to his girlfriend Titiksha’s discern he decamps towards a literary festival at Jaipur where he encounters a beguiling and titillating lady Nivrita; who claims to be his Ex..She works at a publishing house and offers a deal to Neel that he can’t reprobate to. Over the course of events their propinquity and indulgence turns the story upside down. Titiksha’s disappearance out of the blue drags the story to an desolate trajectory. Collaterally another story walks elucidating Neel’s teenage and what not….
Ergo, to find out what happens to Titiksha? Who Nivrita is? Which girl Neel choose? Does he even have a choice? What is in Neel’s past ?…go through the story…It’s worth reading


1. Title and the cover page justifies the story to the fullest.
2. Each sequence is well described and posses is own importance in propelling the storyline.
3. From the very first scene readers are kept bound till the end.


1. Throughout the book I was hooked to it until I reach the climax, where the story looses it’s grip. The end part could be written in a better way.

2. If you are looking for a soft, realistic romantic love story, this is not your cup of tea.☕

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Disclaimer: This review is not meant to hurt anyone’s feeling at all

Smriti Srivastava
1 Response
  • Naveen
    August 9, 2017

    Nice Review

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