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Grandad’s Funeral: Review

Book: Grandad’s funeral
Author: Kate Skylark & Emily Wilkins
Publisher: Create Space Publishing
Pages: 134

Dear Readers,

Grandad’s funeral is a memoir of the crucial events of the Author Emily Wilkins’s life.

The story commences with Emily reaching to the lectern. She is holding a speech in her hand. She starts to speak about her Grandad at his funeral…

By the time she was 11,¬† her mother delivered a premature child. Her brother Marcus. He was very critical at the time of his birth and so was Emily’s mother. They needed to be hospitalized for long and Emily’s elder sister Pauline, who was 13 then couldn’t manage her alone at home.

These situations drove Emily to her grandparent’s home at Wales.

Emily was always afraid of her Grandad. He seemed to be an old man with strict disciplines and rough language. Though she loved Nanna, her Grandmother.

Initial days of her stay were quit cheerful at Wales. She used to visit the beach along with Nanna. Occasionally, they would go for shopping as well. She enjoyed the cake Nanna used to bake for her.

But as it crossed a fortnight, things gradually changed. Especially her nights. Her Grandad who she thought was a strict oldy, had a wicked and scary side to his personality.

Once it started the intensity of his atrocity increased each passing night. Leaving Emily scared for a lifetime. She was forced to keep this a secret. But, this was the day she had a chance to open her heart up. To let her soul free.

Read the full story to know if the sin ever discovered…to know what she had to say on her Grandad’s funeral…


1. The story grips the nerve of reader. It’s quite courageous of Emily to share her deep experiences with the world.

2. The language of the story is quite felicitous that flows with the story .

3. Each scene is described adroitly.


1. I felt the story a bit stretched in the second half.

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