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Author: Rishi Vohra
Publisher: Vishwakarma Publications
Pages: 190

Dear readers,

This is the review for the third book in account of author, Rishi Vohra. After his previous books, ‘once upon the tracks of Mumbai’ and  ‘HiFi in bollywood”, this story deals with the lifetime scenarios of the protaginost; Rudra talpade…who stammers.

The story commences, as Rudra has achieved his dream. With his steps forward author leads us to the back story.

Rudra talpade; a lot esteemed guy is somehow struggling in the movie industry as an assistant director. Nothing in his life is going tranquile. His career is not heading anywhere. He faces the extreme ambitions of his parents, which are quite high for him to attain. Of all his mundane life the only way he looks forward is to his friends. Ankur and Shibani. They are his support systems. And fill his life with fun and strength at times.

One day he meets Richa, who is a wedding planner under dramatic sequence of events. Soon they both fall for each other. Colours of world change for him. But it was not for long. One fine day everything takes a U-turn. His love, his career and shockingly his family turns his world upside down.


“You have always done stupid things when you’re drunk. But today, for the first time, you did the best thing in your life”


He is left alone to the rock bottom of reality. The harsh and cruel. Would true love ever reach to him? Would he be able to raise his head again? Would he ever dare to trust and love someone else? Or would he be able to head to the dream he had hidden deep inside his heart for so long…of becoming an actor??

Do read the book to know more..


1. Author has poured out his heart into the story. The unique plotline hooks the reader with a relatable protagonist.

2. Language is impressive and goes with the flow.


1. Although the story is well established, I somehow find a filmsy touch to it.

Over all, a book worth reading…

If you have read it please share your views with me

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Smriti Srivastava

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