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l still think about you:Review

Book: I still think about you

Author: Arpit Vageria
Publisher: Srishti publishers and distributors
Pages: 178

I still think about you is a story of brotherhood, family, love and realizations. Story starts  with an adventurous scene of para-gliding sowing the seed of emotional attachment between two brothers Amir and Dhruv in reader’s heart. Amir although is an elder brother to Dhruv, yet he plays the role of a whole family for him. On the other hand Dhruv is initially shown quite immature and irresponsible, which eventually leads the story line towards a more emotional background.

Amir got missed in terror attacks of Mumbai locals in 2006 and this Consequences Dhruv to get drown into the sea of guilt and sorrow. He has nobody to look up to and then emerges the most powerful character of the story Sachi. She empowers Dhruv at times and shows him the right way. Over the course of time a drastic change in his personality is well-shown.

Amir’s girlfriend Anvi,who is passionate about her job stretches the story in a third dimension. Vratika, although not a part of the situations,  yet is the key factor to the storyline.
Over certain period major curves lead the story towards an unpredictable direction which I don’t think should be discussed in here☺


1. writer’s way of catching reader’s mind is incredible.🔖
2. Language is quite simple and easy to go with the flow.💡
3. Terror attacks are well used and later an open blog describes them too well from a common men’s point of view📄
4. Brotherhood and value of relations are the key factors of the story🏡


1.Story is over stretched and sometimes leads reader to skip paragraphs🤔
2.Third person narrations are used throughout but in epilogue narrations are switched to first person😒
3.At some points of conversation, it’s not clear who is the speaker😮

Disclaimer: all the reviews provided in this blog are personal views and not meant to hurt anyone’s feeling (including the author’s)🤗 or intend to affect reader’s approach towards the work

Smriti Srivastava

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