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It happens for a reason: Review

Book: It happens for a reason
Author: Preeti Shenoy
Publisher: Westland ltd
Pages: 261

It happens for a reason’, is the sixth book in  preeti shenoy’s array. As we have discussed two of her books earlier, ‘34 bubblegums and candies’ and ‘Life is what you make it‘, this will be our third book to share views about her work. She follows the genre of love and relations. Well, we all are linked with these emotions somehow..

This is a story of a single mother Vipasha (Vee). Her life, her decisions and her struggle. At the tender age of eighteen she conceives a baby. Everybody confutes her. Telling to abort the child, but she chooses to raise her baby by herself. Quiting her modeling career at it’s zenith. Giving up her hopes and aspirations away, she decides to head alone the way.  Her parents abandon her. Even the father of the unborn child left apart. But nothing could shake her legs to stand straight under the stormy situations.

After a leap in the story, she is shown as a mother of her 15 year old son, Aryan. To make the ends meet she runs a dog boarding facility called paw-factor and also works as a part time gym -instructor. She has managed to lead a stable life but cracks of past still peek through the walls of her heart.

Vee  and Suchi are best-friends-forever. Time changed, circumstances altered, but this bond always grew stronger. Vee cut  her ties with her parents but Suchi never gave up on her. She stood there like a true friend by her side. Every now and then she manages to arrange Vee’s dates with guys to let her find a real soul-mate.

Somethings happen to you when you least expect it

One day a horrifying incident takes place at paw-factor, which ruins the trust Vee has gained for herself. Terrifying her strings deep inside. As she faces the consequences the vet Saurabh supports her handling the conditions. Over the events she proximate with him. He also feels intensity for her. And then.. a letter changes everything.

Ankush, the father of her son comes back to her life. And story sets on the roller-coaster of emotions letting you wonder what’s coming ahead.


1. Preeti is an adroit in interpreting human emotions. A single mother who never kneels down is an inspirational character.

2. A new concept has been chosen in the form of paw-factor. This not only connects to the animal-lovers but also disentangles the reality of some squalid mind-sets out there.


1. Although it’s brilliantly written, this is the genre of the author. Somehow it simile to the storyline of other books in her shelf.

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Smriti Srivastava

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