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Like the Flowing River: Review

Book: Like the Flowing River
Author: Paulo Coelho
Publisher: Harper Collins Publishers
Pages: 232

Hello Readers,

I am back with a new online book review for you. This time I have chosen one of the most adroit artists in the world of words, ‘Paulo Coelho’. I will surely come up with reviews of his other books soon.

Let’s start talking about ‘Like a flowing river’. This is a cluster of memoirs from the acquaintances of author’s life. This book uncovers the aspects of his traveling experiences to his lifestyle, mysteries of music to archery and arches of beliefs to recognitions.

I didn’t know the desert was capable of tears

Each story unfolds a hidden pearl of life through the most disregarded moments encountered. Each one triggers a specific hormone in reader’s brain, unraveling the real facts of world in the most amazing yet justifying way.

For instance, how much it matters to you being loved? There was a man who died. Unobserved, undiscovered…. For years. No one bothered for him. How does it feel? It comes out as: Being failed, poor, ugly or dumped. Nothing feels as painful as being unloved….So was he.

There are myriad experiences Paulo shares through the book that disentangle the bliss in our life that we have just taken for granted.

Jesus went to India to learn from the teachers on the Himalayas


The language of this book is so soft and tranquil….Like the flowing river.


Author has woven the threads of philosophy without flaunting fancy and voguish words. ‘Story of pencil’ tells us the way a human should be. While ‘In the blue mountains’, reveals the misconceptions about happiness.

Have you ever pulled out weeds from your garden? Isn’t that tiny plant, the ‘so called’ weed, as deserving as a beautiful flower in the same soil? Isn’t it as hardworking as the other desired plants in your garden, that develop the seed into a delicate green stem succeeding a strong root underground? What could lead to the end of a fight in between your mind, who says to cut it down and heart who voices to save? Read the story to know who wins.

If you are a night time story reader. And wish to read a good short story before dozing off. Then this isn’t less than a lullabie to you.

I recommend this book as a Must Read.

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Smriti Srivastava
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