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I too had a love story: Review

Book: I too had a love story
Author: Ravinder Singh
Publisher: shrishti publishers/ Penguin India
Pages: 200

This is an autobiographical tale of author’s love life. He (Ravin) and Khushi meets through an in vogue matrimonial website. Gradually they fall in love with each other over phone calls and messages. Thereafter convincing their families explicitly for their marriage over the course of time before they finally get to see each other for the first time ever. All goes well until destiny plays it’s role and curves the story to an emotional array leaving the reader with an epiphany as ‘how evanescent and fleeting life is, contrary to the eternal and amaranthine LOVE’….That lasts forever ?


1. Innocence and candidness of the lead character Khushi touches reader’s chords of heart. she is delineated as pure as a dew drop.
2. Love is the soul of the story and is cherished throughout the ups and downs of the story.
3. Each chapter is well woven to the other and drives reader to turn pages.


1. Language is chosen to be the simplest. Although it binds the emotions, yet an improvisation could have added an extra charm to the work.
2. At few points it’s quite annoying to digest the misfits provided by the author. For instance, agreeing both the parental sides before they (Ravin & Khushi) could have met in person for once?. Likewise when khushi had an accident and author was reaching her, he checks out other girl on his way?.And so forth a mite of Factual disappointment seep in.
3. Albeit a tragic love story, author could have added few other sub-topics to boost up it’s strength☝. Moreover he could have twisted the storyline to let the reader wondering about the end✌.

As a reviewer, I suggest you to go through the book as a light read if you love reading love stories?. Nonetheless readers seeking outstanding narrations and indulging literature must keep it at bay.?

Declaration: all the reviews published in here are set of personal opinions and are not meant to hurt anyone’s feelings


Smriti Srivastava

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