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She swiped right into my heart: Review

She swiped right into my heart

Author: Sudeep Nagarkar

Publisher: Random House India

Pages: 226

Sudeep Nagarkar is a well known name in the sphere of love stories. This is the 7th book in his array.This story deals with Friendship..that lasts forever. Sudeep has depicted the meaning of true friendship by the entangled tail of love, betrayal, bewilderment and acceptance.

This is a story of four friends, Tushita, Shibani, Geet and Vivaan. Each of them has a defining past and conflicting present. college life has been shown with immense clarity.

Let’s discuss character-wise:

Tushita already has a boyfriend, Andy. But she really doesn’t know if she really belongs to him now. She is constantly being harassed in her relation, both mentally and physically. This torture eventually drives her to the edge of her life, where she finds her real prince…

Tushita’s prince, who lived in her dreams, seemed to come out of the fog finally, walking towards her

Shibani is a different trait of a girl. She is gutsy, confident, notorious and jazzy. She is a shield to her friends… In-spite of being so bold and audacious, she has a past, which defines her character. She is befuddled in her own self. Later she unfolds the the major twist of the story.

Geet is the most unpopular girl in college. Although being a brilliant student, she is being bullied by the popular girl’s gang every time she enters the premises. She doesn’t oppose them… To shut this chapter of teasing, she pretends to be the girlfriend of the college hottie, Rudra. they agree to a deal which later travels through ups and downs discovering the true essence of life for them.

Vivaan is “THE” guy. He supports Tushita to fight back for her life. Saves Geet getting embarrassed in front of the whole college & makes shibani regain her confidence and identity…

If you’ve never had friends, you’ve never really lived

With time all the characters sink and float through the tides of life. But above all…these friends stand for each other when it was most needed. Author has taken up prevalent topics like bullying in class and hostel experiences to enough sensitive ones like sexual interests and agony of a broken heart with sheer proficiency. This story doesn’t try to change the mindset in one stroke but sows the seed of thoughts deep inside the reader’s head.


1. Author’s way of writing is incredible. It directly connects with the nerve of readers.

2.Prose expressing the thoughts of Tushita are heart touching.


1. I can’t relate the story with the title. Don’t know what could be a better substitute, but this one definitely…not

2. I wonder which GIRL’S hostel has such a liberal policy to allow a boy on regular basis and later the other boy as well.

3. In the fight scene between Rudra and Vivaan, characters are not described clearly

4. Albeit Vivaan is shown to be a perfect guy. I find him quite unreal?

5. There was no need to describe a statement through intense elaboration…I think readers are quite smart to get your point at once .

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Disclaimer: All the reviews published are mere personal point of views and not meant to hurt anyone’s feeling at all

Smriti Srivastava

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