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The Stalker: Review

Book: The Stalker
Author: Sandeep Sharma
Publication: Redgrab books & Anybook
Pages: 143

Dear readers,

This is a story from the writer of ‘The Coin’ and ‘Hey dad! Meet my mom’, Sandeep Sharma.

The author has created a mystery around Randhir Kamat, CEO of an entetainment company. He is being stalked by a girl for a long time. Although he himself doesn’t have a clear past. yet this time things turn out more edgy .

He is unmoved untill his girlfriend Rupali receives death threats from the same stalker. Scared Randhir reaches out to police and a cop Suraj Pant is appointed for the investigation.

Initially Suraj takes it as a mere stalking case, but soon the threads of crime unravel many lies and unmask many faces. The question seeks for replies through twisted events, nude truths and brutal heart-breakings.


  1. The thriller has the potential that keeps the reader turning over the pages.
  2. Language is easy and suits the flavour of settings.


  1. The book needs ‘Editing’. Characters are named clumsily. misprints are also the let-down-factor.
  2. Plot is left vague at some points. Events, particularly in the climax feel forced abeting the cogency of the story.
Smriti Srivastava
1 Response
  • Hind It
    August 14, 2019

    Nice Post. I read all your Post and I feel this Post is better than other’s posts. So thanks you so much for this Post…….

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