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Forever Is True: Review

Book: Forever Is True

Author: Novoneel Chakraborty

Publisher: Penguin Random House

Pages: 222

Dear Readers,

Forever Is True’ is the second and concluding part of the duo-logy, ‘Forever Series’ by the author. First part ‘Forever Is a Lie’, ends at the scene where Prisha is being thrown off the cliff while waiting for Saveer. This book starts right from the point. Miraculously Prisha survives. Wondering why in the world did Saveer try to kill her?

Prisha is a young girl who loves a much older guy Saveer. Who comes in her life as the ‘Mean Monster’. He is wrecked in the dilemma of his own existence. After Ishanvi’s death Saveer drew close to Prisha. With her presence in his life, he had even started believing that it was all a myth, that his birthday was cursed to loose his loved ones.But this incident shakes him to the roots. He cuts off from Prisha, until she herself reaches out to him. She makes him realize that this is the true love…Forever. And can not be suppressed by the any myth or mystery of life. Even by the fear of death now.

Finally Saveer discloses the bare facts of his life to her. The couple hatches a plan to catch the mysterious guy who is behind all these killings. Step by step they discover the planning the mysterious guy has come up with. But as the story reaches to its climax, fate has taken a U-turn.


1. The way Novoneel grips the nerve of a reader is commendable. Language is like feather.

2. Story is having a good flow and the readers get hooked up all through.

3. In terms of plot development and pace, this one is quite better than the previous book of the series.


1. Although the plot is gripping, it lacks the “suspense factor”. If you are not a new reader, you could easily guess the end of the mystery…that’s what i feel.

2. Considering the other works of Novoneel this one is not up to the level i personally expect his stories to be.

3. Silly mistakes annoyed me as a reader; like bugged cuff-links ( How can a person wear cuff-linked shirts all the time of a day, even in bed??) and a 10 year boy planning a murder..(Through mosquitoes??)…and lots more!

4. I agree to the fact that sensuality is required at places to develop a good plot in such a story. But at many points i was etching to read the same act again and again. Sex should not be used as a filler in a story.

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Smriti Srivastava

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