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Whenever it rains

Stroking my shivering palms
I stomped hard in fury
“Why the hell is it raining so hard”?


Gulping in the fuming-hot-coffee
I twitched my brows
At the mud stained doormat


I had almost dripped off my cup
As my little one cuddled around
And my reverie hit the glass table


She wore me into her little arms
Merrily giggling with glee
“Oh Mumma, see it’s raining”


I quirkly smirked at her
And at her innocence
“Huh, it’s raining…I see”


“Let’s go out mom”, she exclaimed
Holding my hand
She twirled around to impress


I winked slyly at the way she moved
And dug my sight into the screen
But she was reluctant to give upon me


Just not to let her down, I stood up
And we both reached the balcony
Where showers of splash welcomed us


“Hurray”, she shouted and twisted her feet
To an unheard-unknown-beat
I tried copying her and she jumped with joy


Rain drops slipping through my hairs
Wetting off my shoulders
Soaked deep into me and me into them


Essense of fresh, scent of soil, aura of sky
Drizzle of bliss, gray of clouds
All merged in one, in front of my eyes


We both danced insane again and again
Until the bright sky wiped off the rain
Slowly the cloud moved ahead to the wests


We both stood there wet, wishing for more
She kept crying, “come back”
I hugged her tight and kissed her with a smile


For how long had i not looked up to the blue
The glitter of stars and shine of the moon
Thank you my princess, for letting me out


Out of the mundane I had created for myself
With hundreds of jobs
But not a single reward to count back


Thank you for letting me dirty and wet
For spoiling the floor a little more
And for letting me sip the half-hot-coffee again


I am ready to dance whenever it rains
We are ready to dance just insane…whenever it rains…

Image credit: pinteres
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Smriti Srivastava
3 Responses
  • Isha
    July 17, 2018

    Very beautifully quoted!

  • Isha
    July 17, 2018

    Very beautifully quoted! Nice and all the best

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