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tearing off bodies from souls
Shedding blood and flesh
Ashes of grief hanging over the air
And sorrow running through veins

Misery and pain, loss or gain
Stepping over lifeless bodies
Of the one’s with gleeming faces
Fuming hopes, from burnt homes

Shattered giggles of lost children
Muffled cries of motherhood
Oozing wounds of fresh graves
And black dust of bright futures

Though they say, it is the only way
Yes. Sometimes in deadliest of hours
But, those precious gems of sacrifice,
who is willing to pay??

Is there something above all
Thirsty of blood and bones
Are there traces of humanity
Left within dark, torn souls??

The Creator had spun a vivid thread
Which got tied in dismay and chagrine
Callow thoughts, man to his own odds
Would it regain the essence ever again??

Isn’t that true ? “We all are One”…
Despite of differences in thoughts,
Aspirations from lives and to mention
Those tiny pieces of lands…called ‘Nations’ ??

Image credit: Google pics

Smriti Srivastava

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