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Happy Father’s Day

“Father: a word that defines eternal blessings”

“I have never told my father how much I admire him, value him, above all..respect him”.
Father is a treasure to a daughter, her super hero. He never fails, never gives up. In the feuding world he saves her princess always in his lap and makes her each wish (rather untold), his command.?
Bond between a mother and child is well described, but a father never tells his feelings to his children. Though many daughters are so courageous and let their father know what they mean to them, but me.?…I am the one who keeps her mouth shut, most when it may help to express what it feels inside.
Today I gathered all my courage to portray my feelings in the form of words…I hope I have not done anything really stupid?….Happy Father’s Day….

“I may not hug you the way others do
I may not adore you, alike all out there,
Yet the unsaid words will always peep out
Of my heart to say father, I love you

I love you for the one and all that I got
The care, the nurture and flourish you brought
To my life, my soul and my heart forever
I am so blessed to get a father like you

Sometimes so humble like the flow of a river
And sometimes as strong as a mountain you are
Like wind you just flow throughout my world
Every bliss of my life i owe just to you
I am so blessed to say o father, i love you…”

Smriti Srivastava
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