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Healthcare dilemma

Hello friends☺happy weekend..This time a longer one?Eid mubarak?

We have discussed enough about relations? over here..Haven’t we? Yes, of course we would continue it further….

As the title says it’s all about life and relations. Let’s move on to LIFE this time.

Life?…..nontheless, a combination of 4 random alphabets enshrouding a whole world in itself . Crested with it’s own highs and lows. Some days are so joyous that we feel over the seventh cloud while some leave us with wild gloom. One such tickling in my mind.

Few days back we (me and my husband) visited to a nearby hospital, just for regular checkup.? “so, tell me what’s the issue”, the doctor asked. I started describing what I felt that led me to see him on my darn precious monday.I see him getting a pen and writing prescription while I had just started talking to him. I got puzzled, still continued to tell him the details. “So you must be diagnosed with these 4 tests, go and provide blood sample in sample collection section right next to internal medicine department”. He concluded handing me a piece of paper written with his alien handwriting, which I am never able to get ( though he has a right to it; doctor’s patented handwriting) . What I could utter of my mouth was “what”, with dumbstruck expressions. I was amazed at his capability to diagnose such hidden ailments inside my well-fitted body even without examining at all. Has he got supernatural powers, I thought in my mind. I mumbled to configure something. “Come to me after you get the test reports”, we were supposed to leave his room right away, as he had done his part and quite well ( in his mind). We got confused yet decided to go to the section he directed and perform the rituals needed to accomplish a medical ceremony harmonically. (Though I could outburst on anybody any second but my husband enlightened my mood with his funny gossip tricks).

Finally we got our reports next morning and we stepped ahead towards that meandering cabin of that highly qualified consultant, practicing in so called highly reputed hospital in our city( you may google to check which city I live in and certainly guess the hospital, ☺don’t try that hard). “Good morning doctor” my husband wished him. ‘have a seat” he gestured. We handed over my reports to him. He glanced over them for exactly 2 seconds and said” there is nothing to worry with your reports, you may continue the medicines as earlier ( let me clear it as I have thyroid problem and I take daily a tiny pill to manage it). “So why did you suggested us to go through all these tests, doctor”. I questioned him moving a bit forth towards him with a slightly poignant pitch. He stared at me “it’s always better to check before we prescribe some new medicine to a patient, young lady” he replied with sheer sarcasm in his tone , leaning backward. “But did I tell you any symptom of hashimoto or even pernicious anaemia…Sir”I managed to keep discussion going. “See” he patted his hands over the table ” i am the doctor here and what I feel good for the patient, I do that and I can do that”, he declared  doggedly. We both were gombshocked and just agreed to exit his room without further argument. Bidding a heartless thanks to him but inside we both grew agonized somewhere.

This is not what we went for. I just went in to check my thyroid levels through a simple TSH blood test. That was what we were expecting him to ask for. When I started telling him that I have to check my thyroid levels, he didn’t even bothered to know if I already take some medicine for that. Once we were done with the blood tests (all that he mentioned) we GOOGLEd it all and there we discovered that we have paid for the tests quite irrelevant at this point if time. (Yup, I do admit that we got an illusion that may be he had sensed something wrong that we were not aware of; after all doc is considered close to God) Well, we are back home with no gains.

This whole story drives me to re-think about this malfunctioning healthcare department.

I discussed it with some if my friends and known ones, and they reciprocated with similar stories. That was an eye opener for me.

According to a report: Transparency International ranks India’s medical industry as the second most corrupt institution citizens encounter following the police. This image, of a corrupt, cynical trade preying on patients, is quit terrifying. There are strong global practices and precedents to control medical corruption. In America, several hospitals have been fined millions of dollars for improper financial ties with diagnostic centres and recommending needless procedure. In contrast to America’s tough action, India’s responses involves irresponsible statements of politicians in power and government targeting opinions of opposition leaders.  Hence we,? as a citizen of nation must step ahead to act smartly to deal with this sick psychology.

National consumer helpline supports petition against any healthcare organisation/ professional under  conditions involving:

1) Damage to organ due to negligence.

2) Wrong treatment due to wrong diagnosis.

3) Money receipt or prescription or discharge summery or test reports when not provided.

4) When treatment not chosen as accepted and established in medical norms /as per medical research/available medical literature.

5) Theory of res ipsa loquitur [a thing speaks of itself] – in case any instrument left in the body, a wrong part removed, allopathic treatment given by a homeopathic doctor etc.

6) Govt Hospital liable if contribution from the employee’s salary deducted OR Payment made by insurance company.

7) Negligent if three steps necessary are not observed by the medical practitioners.

First – To decide whether he has to take up the case or not:

Second- If taken up the case, he is to decide what treatment is to be given.

Third- Whether the treatment given as per the diagnosis made.

8) Hospital can also be negligent ‘it is a case of non- availability of oxygen cylinder either because of the hospital having failed to keep available a gas cylinder or because of the gas cylinder being found empty.

In addition to NCH, we  may write directly to President or Chief Vigilance Officer of Medical council of India @ mci online

Apart from these, by soha foundation has provided us with an open platform to register our reviews for any such malfunctioning organisation /individual

I hope this story, touches the strings of ur brains and we all come up with some more information and views on it.

Keep reading?keep commenting✏

Smriti Srivastava

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