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School Friends

“School days are the best
And so are the school friends
The memories and pleasure
stays, till the very life ends..

The charm, the spark
the fun and spunk,
The games and plays
The classes we bunk..

The dances in shiny
Dazzling dresses
The claps and applauds
Still impresses..

Assessments and marks
Some green-red remarks
The ques and parades
Those lemon races..

The quarrels and fights
Over a sweet muffin slice
To own a best friend
The other two messes..

In a dream I just hugged
Them all once more,
The way we did
In the farewell buses

Buses to the far
Real world across
The bridges of fate
But without real friends…”

image credit: Mensxp @ Thinkstock Photos/Getty Images

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Smriti Srivastava
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