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The scariest word

Death, a word scariest of all…
Inspires me
Not to die before it comes
To take me back home
Not to die before I carve
My step behind

Death, an emotion as chilling it be…
Soothes me
That even in the plight I may
All Grimy and vile
Yet it’s far better this way
Then it could rather be

Death, the ultimate sleep…
Wakes me up
To continue the endeavor
And attain the consummate
That writes the sans pareil ending
Of my story

Death, the grieving and wailing…
Draws my smile little wider
As, at the very moment i CAN
And realize the value
Of the tiniest of pleasure
To be gratified

Death, the eternal destiny…
Paves the ways of my life
Through flowery and thorny lanes
Wetting my feet
With dew and tears
But yeah, letting me walk

Death, the callous and conquering…
Will one day, tear me apart from loved ones
And this thought cuddles me into them
Even more
Embracing their presence
As how blessed  I am

I hope one day,

I could hold her hand


Leading to the unknown sphere
With a calm soul and
A content essence
Envisaging cherished memories
Of the gift I was blessed with…

The life


Image credit: pinterest

Smriti Srivastava

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