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“The Maid’s Son”

Hi friends,
We all have maids at home, well mostly….. They are the prime requirements of today’s life as we have got so much stuff to do throughout the day or rather take as gospel truth that we can’t handle our own home without these uncredited angles?. I acquiesce to the fact, that I am thankful to this lady who manages her home as well as mine and probably other’s too. I can’t imagine myself without such help…Yes, there might be some brows heading up out there and some minds with grumbling thoughts….Cool…
So l have a maid named Savita who comes at around 9 o’clock in the morning and sorts most of my messy household chores each day. She is so punctual at it. And guess what??
The other day she didn’t come to work. It was last Monday. All of a sudden my thoughts reversed for the concept of maids. I believe most of us get under extreme pressure whenever our maid bunks without a prior notice at-least. So did I?. I waited till 10 o’clock and after dialing her number thrice, I folded up my sleeves and grabbed it all over my head with full determination. Finally when I finished all my tedious job, tired enough, I succumbed into the bed to embrace my enervated body. Albeit I didn’t allow my mind to hang loose. “What the hell she thinks of herself”? “Does she think I can’t manage without her”? “Let her come tomorrow”?…Blah Blah…I murmured in my mind. To divert this silly conversation of thoughts, i picked up the cellphone laying beside. Checked few mails and switched to whatsapp conversation. “40 messages in campus-ladies-group”? I entered to check out.
Nilima: that was shocking ?
Rohini: yes she worked for me earlier, I know her. She is a good lady.
Anurima: may the little one RIP.
I scrolled up and down to get it clearly.
I read..
Sushma: What happened near the back entrance ladies?
Reva: I saw police van and ambulance came there.?May be some accident has happened there. I am not sure.
Nitika: there is a maid named Savita who works in our campus. Today morning she was working in my home, when her mother came in crying and mourning. She told that Savita’s son died on road behind the rear entrance of the campus. He was 5 years old. both the ladies rushed away.
Anshul: how did it happened ? ?
Rituja: that’s horrible. What’s the safety status of our campus ? May the little one rest in peace.

Nitika: he was playing with his elder brother in front of the small quarters near the rear entrance. They live there with their mother and maternal-grandmother. Both the ladies work in our campus. Usually they go to school at this time but today school was off so elder brother took his charge. While playing, all if a sudden a car hit the little boy and flew off. The little boy died on the spot.?

I was shocked. “What”I blurt out, but nobody listened…I was alone.
I checked the message again to get the names right…It was him?…

I remember the day when Savita came to me with him. It was a Sunday…Last month …When I opened the door I saw her in her routines dress, the green sari, she always follows as a dress code except for some days when she goes for the red one. I noticed a cute little boy behind her, hiding his face with the corner of her sari. He seemed to be around 5 years old, wheatish complexioned with well-combed brown hairs, well fitted in his deep blue round necked t-shirt and grey knicker. He had a resemblance to his mother’s face. “Who is this little guy”? I asked. “He is my younger son madam”, “Say Namaste Adarsh”, she ordered him bringing him forth towards me. He joined his hands unwillingly. I brushed his head with my palm.”Namaste”, I replied. Savita entered and grabbed the broom. “Sit here silently till I am done”, she said in a mild tone. He sat on floor near the entrance. “What’s your name Adarsh”? I asked with a naughty smile handing him a lollipop. “Adarsh”, he grabbed it reciprocating a cute smile. As it was a holiday my son was at home. He came to me and inquired about the new guest in the house. As I introduced Adarsh to him, he went ahead and raised a hand towards him “hello” he greeted him almost rhymingly. In no time they mingled well like old buddies. I  saw them playing with toy cars and singing ring-a-ring a-roses. I wondered what an innocence they have been blessed with, that they are beyond all kinds of hesitation, differences and discriminations. How in the world they accept another human with the pure essence of love and affection? While we elders attend spiritual sessions and lectures to learn about the same. Later that day they shared breakfast as well. While going back Adarsh came to me “thank you Aunty”, He whispered. “Come again soon to play with your new friend here”, I replied before they disappeared through the elevators.Though I was left with a crying monster at home who calmed down only after getting his favorite chocolate.

I felt wavered for a while to absorb if it’s all true?
The boy being discussed in the group is the same? Is he Adarsh? My heart pounded as I thought.
Once again I checked the scary messages. It confirmed.. it was him.
I heard whatsapp pings numerous times later, but could not feel anything. I was numbed. I was hurt to hear such disheartening news and couldn’t believe on it at the same time. Faces of Savita and Adarsh flashed into my memory a hundred times. His image when I first saw him that day behind Savita’s sari grabbed my heart. I knew Savita had a abusing husband who lived In Latur (their native village) and she with her two boys was living here to make both the ends meet. She was being beaten and tortured by him several times when he came home drunk. So she decided to shift to Pune to earn some money and educate the boys. All she had was her sons. She was working all day long just to make their lives secure and better.
I glanced at the clock. It was 1.30 p.m. I headed out to pick my son up from his school. On my way I pursed my lids harder…And tears finally released off.

The other day I got to know That her husband took off the elder son from her, declaring her the one responsible for the unfaithful incident. I don’t know what else she could do to avert this all to happen. I don’t know if she would ever come to work again….I don’t know..
And today..whatsapp says,

Nikita: remember  Savita, that maid who’s son died, I heard she is missing…
Tanusha: ?
Anshul: ?
Rituja: ohh God!!?…Any updates…..?

Smriti Srivastava
2 Responses
  • Sanmitra Chitte
    July 28, 2017

    That is something ! Very disturbing and portrayed realistically.

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