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The unexplored beach..

Hi there!! 😊
Let me confabulate one incident with u guys.
The other day we (me, husband and my adorable little kid 👼though sometime not-so-adorable) planned to spend our weekend away from our hustling-bustling daily routine, as there was a long weekend ahead. Although I never let my vacations to fritter away whether it’s a short one or the other way round. So we decided to head to some nearby beach for a relaxation therapy session. Let me tell you, when it comes to travelling, my husband turns into GOOGLE💻 for me, rather stick himself to google for hours to get the best possible arrangements done. So, assuredly he proposed karde beach in ratnagiri district, distant about 200 kilo metres. His course of thought for this beach was the unexplored allure of the nature and absenteeism of commercialization. The day came and we cruised towards the place. The journey was quite tiring, yet as we crossed the Dapoli town on spur of moment the breeze went cooler and our eyes were treated with a trail of palm trees on either sides of the driveway, wrapped under wide hilly range. Finally we reached our landing-place. To see the beach….. it was truly mesmerizing. An inseccent sea from one corner of eye to the other🌊even beyond the periphery of one’s vision. And to my back there were cottages enshrouded with wide array of huge palm trees. Now driveway was adorned with sea to it’s right and catenated lush mountains on the other. It was a place worth witnessing….🏖We three spent a couple of hours there, before checking into the hotel .
Lying in the hammock listening to the sound of waves striking at the shore, I recalled the day…..
how me and my little one made a sand castle with utmost concentration and drudgery. There were 4 entrances to our castle. Out of them one sea facing entrance was decorated with thin shreds of wood supported by two of the tiny plastic pipes which my son had provided sacrificing his newly bought toy🎡.There was a corridor delineated with tiny sea shells collected from the waves. The top if our castle was decorated it with a couple of leaves. After it was all done we, of course excluding daddy clicked our pictures..oops🤑selfie( it’s selfie age right?Who takes pictures). As it was 5 p.m. then, we headed towards our cottage. And what I heard was… ghrrrr…ghrrrr…
This was the sound created by our one and only yet most favourite car. My husband accelerated again but it didn’t move an inch. He swiftly jumped out of it, while both if us were still wondering what’s wrong 🤔. Kiddo peeped out of the window to see if he could help his dad..(atleast he beliefs he can😎). Moment I stepped out to check what the matter was, I literaly jumped out of my skin to observe the right tyre of the car stucked in the sand. What the f*😲?? We both espied to each other, yet conjectured to give it another try. This time he sat in and I stood out there to let him know the status. And he switched on the engine.
In 10 milliseconds to be precise I was screaming out to switch it off…Our car was almost submerged into the sand-sea (all 4 tyres down🍷). Yes, let me admit we made the huge mistake. de-facto DISASTER. For a while there was a deep silence. All three of us were silent. Two of us, knowing how much exigency we had created for ourselves and kiddo followed the silence we had created for him🙎. Furthermore, there was nobody around. I mentally noted down pros and specially cons of visiting an “unexplored” beach.
We both were hitted by panick-attacks. Still gender takes over (even in such awe-inspiring conditions👀I wonder). We both reacted differently to the all-overs we had. He folded his sleeves, removed his watch and started digging besides the wheels. And suggested me to look out for any wooden log or alike to support the wheels from beneath. Notwithstanding my husband’s aforementioned (as a reverential wife should), I headed towards the other side of the beach from where we had entered the sands, in hope to ferret out some help. In all this mess, what about kiddo? To everyone’s surprise he was inside the car, patiently watching his favourite video (peppa pig🐷). Actually everything was unexpected, including his calm behaviour. Thereafter I headed towards a shed under a palm tree right at the turn, connecting beach to the local colonies. There was no one inside. Now i turned  away to lookout for some wooden-support (as directed) right then I saw two guys on a black bike heading towards me. I recalled he was the same guy riding on his vehicle among those few people who were roaming around the  beach side, when we entered in here. Both of them were lean and dark. The only difference was one of them was bald and the other was blessed with  jet black, thick, curly hairs (he had snetched his friends hair as well and sticked to his head, I wonder on my silly thought process observing his over haired skull). The over-haired guy stepped down and proceded to me. “Any help ma’me”  he asked rolling his dark fingers through his ultra dark hairs. I took a step back “umm.. yes. My car got stuck in sand. Can you help”? It took a moment for me to add “My husband is there with it. So could you please follow me to see what can be done? (I intentionally added these details, to make sure of my safety  albeit  my husband is Jacky chan and would kick them hard if they were planning something for a distressed damsel). Nonetheless, they followed me. We three reached the point. My husband eased a bit to see existing humans on the lonely planet…correction.. lonely beach.  They both took a glance and bald one said, “this is quite a big problem sir. Yet one of our friend can come to help you out in this. Let me ask him”. He brought out his cellphone and dialed somebody. “Yes, he can come here within 10 minutes and pull your car out, but he will charge for it”, he exclaimed, putting his phone back to his pocket. “Charge” ?? I asked surprisingly. “Who in the world charges to get a family out of trouble” I mumbled desperately. “How much”? my husband inquired to him and to my surprise. “10000 bucks” he replied💸. We were speechless…Drumstuck… We glanced to each other for a while. “Are you serious”? “Who takes this much money from travellers who have come to your place” I almost screamed. “See madam, this is totally up to you what you want to do” bald one replied with slight poignancy in his voice. Husband took the charge this time and asked them to negotiate to some feasible amount as it was getting darker every single minute. They both muttered to each other and said,” 8000 bucks final”. We had no other option but to agree for what was on our plate. Finally 6 more guys appeared from nearby trails of palm trees, yes, the same palm tree tails which were adorable few minutes back. They all were equipped with giant wooden sheets and other arms. As I picked valuables and kiddo out of the car, they place all the sheets below tyres lifting each portion of it with huge haisha..haisha… sound making me realize what exactly we were caught in. Then one guy occupied the driving seat and rest holded the car from either sides and back. They all counted for 3 when the driver pushed the accelerator hard and they all pushed at the same time. Ghrr..Ghrr…haisha…haisha...Atmosphere echoed with the sounds. Finally after an hour and ten minutes we saw our loved wagon out of the sand-sea. Though front bonnet twisted in L shape, yet we could proceed with it🚘. We thanked the bald and over-haired black fellows  half-heartedly handing a huge amount of our hard earned money for the mess we created. After all this we entered to our pre-booked, sea balconing cottage🏡.

Now think again, the other way: Thereafter I headed towards a shed under a palm tree right at the turn connecting beach to the local colonies. There was no one inside. Now i turned  away to lookout for some wooden support (as directed) right then I saw a bearded man with wheatish complexion, in his 40’s wearing a white shirt and checked, half folded lungi (a rectangular 6/4 feet cloth to be used as bottom wear allowing air flow through). He slowly reached to me and asked if I needed some help. “Umm..yes. My car got stucked in sand at the beach side. My husband is trying to manage it yet I came here to look for some help if I could get” I explained squeezing my lips slightly. “Why did you guys drive into sand, it’s never a good idea” he inquired narrowing his slightly grey brows. “Actually we went ahead in excitement. We saw marks of wheels over there, so I asked my husband to drive beside the waters and while coming back we got stucked”, I managed to confess looking  downwards. “It happens” he sighed “here, this is becoming like a business for them” he paused “well, it’s good that we encountered”. I waited for him to continue. “So, what can be done now”I asked anxiously. “Wait I’ll send some help with you” he replied, dialing few digits from his phone. After 10 minutes reached to the spot with 8 men provided by the 40’s guy. They all pulled our car out of the muddy sand (following the same haisha procedure) with all the power and determination. I was glad to see our car back on wheels, though it’s bonnet was twisted in L shape yet we managed to procede🚘. The 40’s guy appeared again. He inquired if the work was done. I thanked him and asked if I should give some money to the men. “It’s not required” He nodded with enduring calmness in his voice. “You are our guests and we don’t charge to help our guests” we were touched with the words. We started to our cottage bidding a heartfelt thanks to the men with help🏡. He had made our disastrous problem disappear.
Now, you guys might be wondering what actually happened? Answer is both happened…Really…And both happens every single day. It’s a matter of perception. How we take it to us. Some moments bless us with smile, while the others with experience both are to be cherished. For that day I relished them listening to the unique music of waves under twinkling stars.🌠


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Smriti Srivastava

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