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What if…

Sometimes I think,
What if, I had spawned this world?
Though it sounds utter stupid, but I do…
What if, I had created this world?
Abysmal cogitations surround me
what it would be like?

Without gloom and anguish
Faces of mirth and hopes
Lacking thorns and spines
Supple, smooth edges of cactus
Without greed and jealousy,
Handful of love and ardor around

Without misery and defeat
Each breath Bliss and joy
But then I rehash at it…
Would it be the joy for real
Or would it been all mundane
Without those moments pulling us back

When it’s hard, it’s amazing
To cross the hurdles and succeed
When it’s grief in the eyes
Glee shines through, more lucent
And the scratches from spines
Raise the charm of tender red roses

When there are nights, days are brighter
Strides to win are swifter past defeat
Suffocated breaths treasure the air
And cracked smiles cherish the moments
It all has a meaning, but couldn’t be better
Life is what it should be, the ultimate pleasure…

Image credit : Istock

Smriti Srivastava

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