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The way it started

Only two decades past the horrific catastrophe of the first world war, Hitler set the world again on fire invading Poland. Great Britain declared the world war second on 3rd of September 1939. Blitz (Lightning war) operated by Luftwaffe (German air force) shattered the belief of every living being. Blood and smoke ruined the harmony of the sphere.

School Friends

“School days are the best
And so are the school friends
The memories and pleasure
stays, till the very life ends..

The charm, the spark
the fun and spunk,

“A Lost Girl”

Her giggling sound like a river,
Flowing over the sharp edges,
Of rocks and stones all beneath,
Still, hums through my ears

 Her shiny eyes with credence,

Everyone has a story: Review

Book: Everyone has a story
Author: Savi Sharma
Publisher: Westland ltd
Pages: 175

Helo readers,
‘Everyone has a story’, is the debut novel of author, Savi Sharma. This story is about an aspiring writer Meera, who works as an HR manager.

It happens for a reason: Review

Book: It happens for a reason
Author: Preeti Shenoy
Publisher: Westland ltd
Pages: 261

It happens for a reason’, is the sixth book in  preeti shenoy’s array. As we have discussed two of her books earlier, ‘34 bubblegums and candies’ and ‘

Hold my hand

Hold my hand

Junked upon the operation table, i ponder in my own thoughts. Albeit being processed as a specimen under a team of an anesthetic, a junior doctor, a senior surgeon and two nurses, it sounds quite wacky to be delirious like this. But it’s me….With my smart-mind inside this tiny head.

She swiped right into my heart: Review

She swiped right into my heart
Author: Sudeep Nagarkar
Publisher: Random House India
Pages: 226

Sudeep Nagarkar is a well known name in the sphere of love stories. This is the 7th book in his array.This story deals with Friendship..that lasts forever. Sudeep has depicted the meaning of true friendship by the entangled tail of love,

Sita(The Warrior of Mithila): Review

Sita (warrior of Mithila)
Author: Amish Tripathi
Publishers: Westland Publishers
Pages: 361

Sita, though we all know her, respect her. yet, it was an overwhelming experience to know her better this way. This book and all the others by Amish stand apart in present time not only because of their unique concepts but also interest,

Life is what you make it: Review

Book: Life is what you make it

Author: Preeti Shenoy
Publisher: Shrishti publishers
Pages: 209

Life is what you make it, is the second published book of the author, though the first one: 34 bubblegums and candies was a collection of her blog posts,



For the first time i encountered with him at a café. Not so noticeable, quite a regular guy he seemed to be. Yet i couldn’t take my eyes off him. Inheriting a good physique, decent height, he was managing his t-shirt when he noticed me staring at him.