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“Her corsage of moments”

A blow of wind was enough to shake her up
But it was the storm that kept her still
A blink of light could fire up her dreams
But it was all dark when she kept crawling

When it approached to her she hesitated
Stepped back and forth in the aisle of dubiety
But When it stayed she held it in her grip
And it slipped as swift as feather of Robin …

When it went off she paused for a while
Staying at the same spot she was
When it didn’t turn head back she knew
That moment was gone only for good…

She kept walking down the lane of life
Plucking and adorning in her bouquet
Every moment with pleasure n delight
Because each one was so precious to her…

Be a smile,

Closed doors

Black of the blue challenging my fears
Scaring my essence to tremble
As i walked down the lane, stumbling
I was all alone and moreover a girl

I brushed aside the growing worries
Pulling up the socks of courage
And stepped ahead in the darkest
Eerie of silence growling out loud

Dogs were howling at distance
Tearing off the sky apart
Stones in my feet were testing me
But I didn’t turn around to have a sight

As I crossed the circle for my lane
A hushed sigh of relief escaped
A whistle of familiarity braced me
I was close to my home now

A meak figure grew closer slowly
And a shadow made its way to me
A familiar face welcomed me
But something was surreal about

He reached his hand to grab me
He clutched the fists I had ready
But the pepper dropped down
The way I was shattered on ground

He hovered around me tight n close
Few more Hawks were in approach
Prey was caught,

Her giggling sound like a river,
Flowing over the sharp edges,
Of rocks and stones all beneath,
Still, hums through my ears

 Her shiny eyes with credence,
Glittering with discerning solace,
and Indomitable like a strong shaft,
Still, holds my vision


Her fragrance of jasmine flowers

Vivacious and spunk all through,

A sheer flash of her sight,

Crosses there every night


 The surge in her voice
with a subtle smile
Still, steers the hearts of
Many alive


Albeit she’s not here
The way… she was
But somewhere in all us
She still finds life

 In hopes and in prayers
In wishes for good
Her life says to us
Be truly alive…

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