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Her giggling sound like a river,
Flowing over the sharp edges,
Of rocks and stones all beneath,
Still, hums through my ears

 Her shiny eyes with credence,
Glittering with discerning solace,
and Indomitable like a strong shaft,
Still, holds my vision


Her fragrance of jasmine flowers

Vivacious and spunk all through,

A sheer flash of her sight,

Crosses there every night


 The surge in her voice
with a subtle smile
Still, steers the hearts of
Many alive


Albeit she’s not here
The way… she was
But somewhere in all us
She still finds life

 In hopes and in prayers
In wishes for good
Her life says to us
Be truly alive…

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It’s beyond words. whoever gone through knows it all..yet embrace the treasure whenever it comes to the scene.

“With tiny little fingers holding my hand
shining eyes as white as snow,
cheek pink, red lips bubbling froth
with sweet little whispers “mama” blow?

that blow of wind carries the charm

mama holding u in cozy arms,
u sometimes stare at me as if asking
where’s the first sound that you just throw?

i kiss u on your little chubby right cheek

and see as a line of smile u draw
that starts from your lips to the cheek through your chin
as a sign of reverence you pout to show??”

hope you out there reading these lines sure feeling some connection…if share in the comment section…keep in touch